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Environmental Commitment

Quantum Downhole Technologies is committed to developing environmental technologies that reduce emissions while increasing return.

Reduce Emissions

The equipment utilized on location to deploy and operate JetPak uses 75% less fuel than a conventional cleanout operation, providing both economical and environmental benefit. Furthermore, JetPak is directive 033 compliant; UEL and LEL are no longer a concern. JetPak utilizes produced or fresh water to run the pump and virtually no gas is vented to the atmosphere.

Reduce the Number of Interventions

When using JetPak, the number of cleanouts done on the well will be reduced. Since the well is in an underbalanced state during the cleanout, JetPak removes both the well bore fluid and the fluid that has built up near the well bore area. With the JetPak process, a higher volume of fluid is recovered out of the well than with conventional cleanout techniques. Since wells require cleanouts less often, less emissions are being created overall to keep the well operational.