Dual Coil Milling System

Millout Problems

Producers in Western Canada and around the world are struggling with the ability to run conventional workovers, including milling, on low pressured wells. The inability to circulate to surface has led to blind operations, stuck pipe, wellbore damage, etc. One of the most frequent problems seen is hydraulic fracturing operations leaving a myriad of restrictions in the wellbore, including frac balls and seats from ball-drop fracturing completions. In addition, introduction of foreign fluids to reservoir and long-term production creates scale, asphaltenes, and other production inhibiting restrictions.

Quantum's Solution

Quantum Downhole’s newest system utilizes the Dual Coiled Tubing technology to provide an innovative, patent-pending method of underbalanced milling. Using one coil conduit for fluid and the other for nitrogen provides a large array of benefits over typical milling operations. The system uses conventional jars, motors and mills to utilize the latest technologies in conventional milling, yet significantly outperforms typical systems in both performance and economics. Horizontal milling technology is ever-improving, allowing for increased variety in oil well completion types, and Quantum’s DCMS is leading the underbalanced milling industry.


Benefits of this system include:

  • Increased circulation on under-pressured reservoirs
  • Maximized torque on positive displacement motor
  • Immediate stall response on surface
  • Ability to adjust fluid and nitrogen independently
  • ERT tools perform as designed
  • Optimized economics
  • Reduced operation time
  • Reduced risk of formation damage
  • Conventional disconnects and well control