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With Q-Vak no air or oxygen enters the well bore eliminating concerns about the creation of explosive mixtures downhole.

Q-Vak drastically improves well cleanout efficiency; with a compact pump assembly, multiple wells can be cleaned out in one day without disassembly of the pump from the coiled tubing between wells.

Q-Vak has no moving parts, making it less prone to wear and failure.

Q-Vak: Unique Technology for Cleaning Well Bores in Western Canada

Quantum Downhole Systems has licensed two unique technologies to create Q-Vak, a revolutionary new cleanout technology. Q-Vak combines Dual Coiled tubing umbilical design and Source Rock Energy's specifically engineered jet pump to remove solids and liquids from well bores in Western Canada. The primary function of this technology is to create a low pressure environment in the well bore to pump the fluid and/or solids to surface. This technology helps E&P companies to better exploit the reserves in their properties.

Sand Jetting Mode

Due to the low pressure of our reservoirs, frac sand cleanouts are a common technique used during the completion process in the WCSB. One of the unique features the Q-Vak offers is the ability to jet through a high pressure nozzle on the bottom of the pump to break through or liquefy sand. The pumping process can then be restarted and the solids removed from the well.

How it Works


A conventional coiled tubing unit is out-fitted with the Q-Vak system and the pump at depth.


On surface, a pressure truck is connected and pumps a predetermined amount of fluid into both sides of the FlatPak string.


This activates a high pressure application-specific nozzle that liquefies the solids. The Q-Vak can then be put back on pump mode.

Pumping Mode

How it Works


A conventional coiled tubing unit is out-fitted with the Q-Vak system and the pump at depth.


On surface, a pressure truck is connected and pumps a predetermined amount of fluid into one side of the FlatPak string.


As the fluid passes through the pump, pressure and velocity change. This creates a negative pressure which allows the well bore fluid to enter the pump.


The pumped fluid and wellbore fluid are both returned to a catch tank. This fluid can then be reused on other cleanouts.

*Patent Pending


Green Technology
The equipment utilized on location to deploy and operate Q-Vak uses 75% less fuel than a conventional cleanout operation, providing both economical and environmental benefit. Furthermore, Q-Vak is directive 033 compliant; UEL and LEL are no longer a concern. Q-Vak utilizes produced or fresh water to run the pump and virtually no gas is vented to the atmosphere.

Cleanout Damage
Cleanout damage is a relatively recent but common problem in our mature basin, many wells have upper zones that can experience short or long term damage using current cleanout techniques. The Q-Vak technology allows E&P companies the ability to economically and effectively clean these wellbores out while not risking temporary or permanent damage to these sensitive zones. Well productivity increases immediately after the Q-Vak has been run.

Reduce the Number of Interventions
When using Q-Vak, the number of cleanouts done on the well will be reduced. Since the well is in an underbalanced state during the cleanout, Q-Vak removes both the well bore fluid and the fluid that has built up near the well bore area. With the Q-Vak process, a higher volume of fluid is recovered out of the well than with conventional cleanout techniques.

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