Quantum's Wellbore Intervention Technology

Our Primary Technology and Tools


Dual Coil Milling System (DCMS)

Quantum Downhole’s newest system utilizes the Dual Coiled Tubing technology to provide an innovative, patent-pending method of underbalanced milling. With Quantum’s patent-pending Dual Coil Milling System (DCMS), separate coiled tubing conduits deliver power fluid to drive the mud motor and nitrogen to circulate solids and cuttings. Having these mediums pumped separately to the BHA offers many benefits, including maximized hydraulic horsepower to the mill, increased stator life, instantaneous stall response at surface. Nitrogen rates can be increased without having negative effects to the mud motor stator. For extended length laterals ERT tools can be integrated and perform as designed; this is not the case with conventional comingled milling methods. The system uses conventional jars, motors and mills to utilize the latest technologies in conventional milling, yet significantly outperforms typical systems in both performance and economics. Horizontal milling technology is ever-improving, allowing for increased variety in oil well completion types, and Quantum’s DCMS is leading the underbalanced milling industry.

Benefits of this system include:

  • Increased circulation on under-pressured reservoirs
  • Maximized torque on positive displacement motor
  • Immediate stall response on surface
  • Ability to adjust fluid and nitrogen independently
  • ERT tools perform as designed
  • Optimized economics
  • Reduced operation time
  • Reduced risk of formation damage
  • Conventional disconnects and well control


JetVak™ Well Cleanout System

Quantum Downhole’s patented JetVak™ system utilizes Dual Coiled Tubing technology as well as a specifically engineered jet pump to remove solids and liquids from wellbores. JetVak™ lends its name to high-pressure jetting, coupled with the vacuuming action created by the venturi-induced pressure differential. The primary function of this technology is to create a low pressure environment in the wellbore to artificially lift the fluidized slurry to surface up the outer conduit of the Dual Coil. With a track record of over 1000 wells in a myriad of well completion types, JetVak is a world leader in coiled tubing intervention technology.

Benefits of this system include:

  • High-pressure jetting to fluidize sand, scale, asphaltenes, and other blockages
  • Localized inflow, removing near-wellbore damage
  • Guaranteed positive circulation
  • No fluid lost in to reservoir
  • Chemicals can be integrated into the program in a variety of ways
  • Multiple jetting options; low/high speed rotation, pulsation
  • Integrated bottom hole pressure and temperature memory recorder
  • Reliable and consistent pricing
  • Improves Artificial Lift System life
  • Reduces future interventions
  • Safe and reliable operations
  • Characterized inflow; tracked throughout the wellbore
  • Valuable reservoir data gathered during cleanout


Q-Vak Well Evaluation System

The perfect complement to Quantum’s well enhancement systems, Q-Vak provides immediate production evaluation throughout a wellbore following milling or cleaning. Isolation provides stage-by-stage mapping of reservoir and production data. The entire system can be deployed by Quantum’s on-site technicians immediately after reaching surface post-millout and ran back in for optimal economics. Production evaluation and reservoir characterization has never been easier than using Quantum’s patented Q-Vak.

Benefits of this system include:

  • Net oil, water, gas and solids volumes located and quantified
  • Specific intervals targeted
  • Data to calculate Inflow Performance Relationship curves
  • All or some of the wellbore can be profiled
  • Compatible with resettable, inflatable, straddle packers
  • Immediate, dynamic results
  • Safe and reliable operations


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