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JetVak™ Well Cleanout System: Advanced Wellbore Cleaning in Western Canada & US

Cleanout Problems

With the advancement of oil production technology world-wide, Estimated Ultimate Recovery has been improving steadily. Unfortunately, as reservoirs see more of their reserves reaching semi-maturity, pressures have dropped to the point where Artificial Lift Systems are common in almost every new well drilled. Optimizing oil production in current wells is seen as an efficient economic preference over drilling new wells, however this comes with its own set of challenges. Many current practices including nitrogen (foam) coiled tubing cleanouts, circulation, bailing, etc. require high pressure to push solids to surface, resulting in large amounts of fluids and solids pushed back in to the reservoir.

JetVak™ Well Cleanout System

Quantum's Solution

Quantum Downhole System’s unique technology is revolutionizing the wellbore cleanout industry. The patented JetVak™ well cleanout system incorporates an advanced Concentric Coiled Tubing (CCT) system and an entire suite of technological advancements. These include a specifically engineered jet pump, rotating and/or pulsing jetting head with adjustable rates, metallurgical improvements, modular coil connection, modular tool design, downhole pressure/temperature recorder, and more. The JetVak™ has been optimized to meet the needs of producers’ largest challenges seen in today’s environment. This holds many benefits for the immediate and long-term production of the wells optimized using this system.

Benefits of this system include:

  • High-pressure jetting to fluidize sand, scale, asphaltenes, and other blockages
  • Localized inflow, removing near-wellbore damage
  • Guaranteed positive circulation
  • No fluid lost in to reservoir
  • Chemicals can be integrated into the program in a variety of ways
  • Multiple jetting options; low/high speed rotation, pulsation
  • Integrated bottom hole pressure and temperature memory recorder
  • Reliable and consistent pricing
  • Improves Artificial Lift System life
  • Reduces future interventions
  • Safe and reliable operations
  • Characterized inflow tracked throughout the wellbore
  • Valuable reservoir data

Technology Driven

Each well intervention is custom engineered from the top-down. This means a tailored approach to make large multi-well projects as cost efficient as possible, yet the flexibility to allow for single well cleanouts on budget using local service providers. Once the project is in motion, all details of the cleanout are refined to work seamlessly. This includes tools, surface equipment (CT unit, pump units) procedures, chemicals, etc. On site technicians use the latest technology in order to deliver a debris-free wellbore and develop the near-wellbore area for Artificial Lift System life longevity. Quantum’s focus on production optimization drives us to deliver the clearest picture for producers. Below is one of the many charts generated during the operation. Using an acoustic sensor on the return line, solids are quantified on a per-second basis. This helps identify problem locations throughout the liner. This may aid additional remedial work.

Coiled tubing allows for the entire operation to be performed in one continuous run in hole. As the JetVak™ encounters blockages, the high-pressure jets (stationary, rotating, or pulsing) on the front of the tool fluidize solids in the wellbore. Due to the low pressure environment produced by the venturi, this slurry is vacuumed in to the JetVak™ up the outer conduit of the Concentric Coil. This is artificially lifted to surface uninterrupted as the wellbore restrictions are removed. Due to the modular nature of the JetVak™ system, tailor-made solutions are created for each well completion type and scope of work.

Technology driven

Safe, Risk-Adverse Servicing

With a clean-as-you-go approach, the depths above the BHA are clean. This contrasts with typical circulation, which allows returns to pack around the coiled tubing, increasing stuck pipe chances. The concentric coiled tubing ensures high flow velocity, regardless of casing size, and keeps the returns inside the string. Every meter above the BHA is a known safe area, reducing the risk of fishing. With no moving parts, reliability is a staple of the JetVak™ system. No tripping of pipe is required throughout the operation, allowing the on-site technicians to focus on new areas rather than depths that have already been cleaned.

Do you have further questions? Please contact our team to discuss your project in greater detail.

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