Clean | JetVak

Clean | JetVak™ System

Reliably remove wellbore obstructions on the first run.

  • Patented system that that reliably removes wellbore obstructions on the first run to make your underpressured horizontals clean.
  • Simultaneously vacuums away fluidized wellbore materials, with guaranteed circulation, while gathering continuous inflow data
  • The JetVak is a concentric coiled tubing assembly that includes an engineered jet pump, jetting head, and recorder in the BHA to gather BHP, BHT.
  • At surface, a Quantum technician gathers oil, water and solids cuts for reporting.

How it works

[youtube v=tsvGfSxnISo]

  1. Concentric coiled tubing is conveyed downhole with standard coiled tubing equipment.
  2. When at depth, the pumping unit is brought up to operational pressure and rates to activate the JetVak.
  3. The jetting head fluidizes wellbore materials while the Venturi simultaneously draws the slurry into the BHA and artificially lifts the wellbore materials to surface inside the outer coil.
  4. A Quantum Downhole Technician is onsite to monitor performance, set the coil speed and sweeps, sample returns and gather data.
  5. Coiled tubing is retrieved to complete the operation.
  6. Quantum delivers a final report after the site operation.
Features Benefits
Slurry is artificially lifted to surface through the outer coil No solids flow above the BHA reducing risk and avoiding stuck pipe
Guaranteed returns at a determined rate Assures duration of the operation
Fluidizes and removes wellbore materials, paraffin and asphaltenes Improves production and reduces future intervention requirements
BHA recorder gathers BHP, BHT. A Quantum technician gathers oil, water and solids cuts Provides data to calculate IPR curve, determines locations that may be damaged, improves recoverable reserves
BHA OD BHA Length Maximum Temperature CCT OD
mm in mm in ºC ºF mm in
54.0 2.125 1.4 56 200 392 60.3 2.375
66.7 2.625 1.5 60 200 392 66.7 2.625
79.4 3.125 1.7 66 200 392 73.0 2.875