Clear | CCMS

Clear | Concentric Coiled Milling System

A consistent cleanout operation and a clear wellbore in one pass.



  • Removes downhole obstructions such as scale, frac balls, frac seats or plugs
  • The Concentric Coiled Milling System (CCMS) BHA includes a patented downhole connector, release tool, jar and milling assembly.
  • Integrates CIRCA Pro Coiled Tubing Simulation Software with CTRAN for multi-phase flow and solids transport modelling.
  • It may include BHT and BHP recorders depending on the application, scope of work and operational objectives.
  • The concentric coiled tubing and milling assembly system allow separate nitrogen and power fluid paths that can be adjusted independently to reduce overall nitrogen usage.
  • Check valves and redundant disconnects in the BHA prevents inflow and maintains well control.
  • Improved cuttings and wellbore material circulation, reduces operational risk.

How it Works

  1. The BHA is conveyed downhole using standard coiled tubing equipment.
  2. When at depth of the fluid level, nitrogen is pumped down the inner coil to circulate the well.
  3. When at depth of the obstruction, power fluid is pumped down the outer coil / inner coil annulus to activate the power section of the milling BHA.
  4. A Quantum Downhole Technician independently adjusts the nitrogen and power fluid rates to effect immediate downhole changes and optimize wellbore material circulation, sweeps and nitrogen usage.
  5. Coiled tubing is retrieved to complete the operation.
  6. Quantum delivers a final report after the site operation.
Features Benefits
Separate nitrogen and power fluid flow paths Adjust nitrogen and power fluid independently
Fluid only to the mud motor Extend mud motor life, optimal torque output and consistent port and plug milling time
Improve cuttings and wellbore material circulation Reduce operational risk
Reduce nitrogen product usage Decrease operation costs
Check values and redundant disconnects in the BHA Prevent inflow and maintain well control
CCMS OD Jar and Motor OD Maximum Temperature CCT OD
mm in mm in ºC ºF mm in
79.4 3.125 73.0 2.875 150 302 60.3 2.375
66.7 2625
73.0 2.875