Evaluate | Q-Vak

Evaluate | Q-Vak Production Evaluation

  • The Q-Vak is a production evaluation system deployed with concentric coiled tubing, that includes an engineered jet pump that vacuums away wellbore materials and captures continuous inflow data.
  • A recorder in the BHA, or multiple recorders installed with inflatable multi-set straddle packer, captures BHP and BHT.
  • At surface, a Quantum technician gathers oil, water and solids cuts for reporting to generate interval-specific inflow data.

How it works

  1. Concentric coiled tubing is conveyed downhole with standard coiled tubing equipment.
  2. When at desired depth packers are set, the pumping unit is brought up to operational pressure and rates to activate the Q-Vak.
  3. The Venturi creates a pressure draw down at the BHA then artificially lifts the wellbore materials to surface inside the outer coil and establishes inflow from the reservoir.
  4. At surface, a flow meter dissects return-flow into net oil, water, gas and solids rates. A Quantum Technician is onsite to monitor performance, sample returns and gather data.
  5. Concentric coiled tubing and BHA is retrieved to complete the operation.
  6. Quantum thoroughly analyzes the resulting reservoir data and delivers a final report after the site operation.
Features Benefits

No jetting. Vacuums away wellbore materials and captures continuous inflow data.

Enhances draw down into the BHA and captures precision inflow data

Detects return flow into net oil, water, gas and solids rates

Quantifies permeability variations within the same formation

Integrate multiple recorders by installing multi-set straddle packers for interval-specific data

Detailed interval reservoir characterization and inflow performance relationship

Confirms complete isolation of the target interval
BHA OD Maximum Packer OD Maximum Temperature CCT OD
mm in mm in ºC ºF mm in
54.0 2.125 Well-specific 200 392 60.3 2.375
66.7 2.625 200 392 66.7 2625
79.4 3.125 200 392 73.0 2.875