Clear | Clean | Evaluate

Quantum’s patented technologies clear and clean your horizontal while gathering continuous inflow data.

Our solutions combine concentric coil tubing with innovative bottomhole assemblies to reliably remove wellbore obstructions on the first run.

The result is a clear and clean horizontal with maximized producing capability and supporting reservoir data for future optimization.

Concentric Coiled Milling System (CCMS)

Removes wellbore obstructions efficiently by isolating the flow of nitrogen and power fluid for notably improved circulation.

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JetVak™ Well Cleanout System

Patented system that simultaneously vacuums away fluidized wellbore materials, with guaranteed circulation, while gathering continuous inflow data.

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Q-Vak Production Evaluation System

Measures oil/water/gas cuts, BHP, BHT and wellbore depths to calculate the inflow performance relationship.

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