Do you have a depleted well that is underperforming? Or maybe you are suspicious of solids in your well?

Tired of failed attempts at bailing, jointed tubing or energized fluid circulation cleanouts?

Quantum Downhole’s JetVak™ is a patented system that reliably removes wellbore obstructions on the first run. It simultaneously fluidizes and vacuums wellbore materials, with guaranteed positive circulation, while gathering continuous inflow data.

The JetVak is a concentric coiled tubing assembly that includes an engineered jet pump and jetting head. The rotating jetting head is speed governed to maximize energy to the jetting force that artificially lifts wellbore materials to surface. It is a closed-loop hydraulic system that ensures returns to surface.

Before the operation, Quantum prepares a site-specific technical program that includes CIRCA software multi-phase flow modelling for solids transport, and, if required, a chemical program suitable to the downhole environment.

During the operation, a recorder installed in the BHA logs downhole BHP and BHT while a Quantum technician at surface gathers oil, water and solids cuts for reporting.

The JetVak is ideal for multi-frac and SAGD cleanouts, and CHOPS too.

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