Steven Winkler

Steven Winkler

President & Director, Quantum Downhole Systems Inc.

Steven is the Founder and key innovator at Quantum Downhole Systems. Quantum is a privately held company that delivers field-proven concentric coiled tubing solutions that clear, clean, stimulate and provide production evaluation for underpressured horizontal wells.

Over 23 years during his time at Source Energy and OTATCO/Integrated Production Services, Steven diagnosed problem wells and kept them running. He noticed the accumulation of wellbore materials were a persistent problem in underpressured wells and hunting for an efficient remedy an even bigger challenge. Steven’s out-of-the-box thinking initiated the invention of Quantum Downhole System’s first technology, the JetVak™, a system to clear and clean underpressured wells.

As President and Director of Quantum, Steven’s innovative approach has expanded Quantum’s services into multiple applications to include multi-frac cleanouts, heavy oil cleanouts, drilling remediation and production evaluation. Quantum has further expanded its technologies to include the CCMS (Concentric Coil Milling System), Q-Vak and supporting stimulation services.

When Steven isn’t pondering underpressured well challenges he is enjoying the outdoors with his family.